SQL Server

How to remove special characters in sql server

you can use this logic for below types of issue.

Replace  ÔÇÖ to space

UPDATE [TableName] SET [ColName] = REPLACE([ColName], N’ÔÇÖ’, N””);

Replace ÔÇô to dash

UPDATE [TableName] SET [ColName] = REPLACE([ColName], N’ÔÇô’, N’-‘);

Replace ÔÇÖ to apostrophe s

UPDATE [TableName] SET [ColName] = REPLACE([ColName]N’ÔÇÖ’, N””);

Replace -á to space

UPDATE [TableName] SET [ColName] = REPLACE([ColName]N’ÔÇÖ’, N’-á’, N’ ‘);





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